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Which class should I try out? 

If you are new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you must first attend an individual trial class (free of charge). Octaviano will take you through the history and customs of our sport, as well as show you some self-defense and groundwork. If you already have experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you may attend a trial class with our students.

What should I wear for my trial class?

For your trial class, you will be wearing one of our uniforms, a (GI), make sure you bring some flip flops so your feet are covered when you are out side the mats.


I have to leave early/coming late?

We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals. However if it is your first class, it is important that you arrive 10 minutes before the class.

Do I need to wear flip flops

Yes, you must keep your feet covered at all time when not on the mats – this protects your feet and the hygiene of the academy.

Do I have to wash my gi after every class?

Yes, this is very important. You and your training partners are likely to be very sweaty after training – no one likes a smelly gi. To protect the fabric of your gi, do not wash it higher than 40 degrees and keep it away from the tumble dryer.

Where can I buy a gi?

Please visit our web site store. Note that the products you order in our website store is to be collected a Roger Gracie Watford facility only. WE DO NOT DESPATCH TO ANY OTHER LOCATION.

For the trial class the facility will offer a uniform for you to use free of charge.

Once you decide to join you can speak with our instructor to buy you uniform.


Adults -£100 monthly fee + one payment of £120 for the kimono or uniform.


Octaviano Lasarini , BLACK BELT.